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Existing and Potential RED Revelers are reminded that registration for customized orders is closed.
With the new costume system as part of Red’s 2014 development, potential revelers who would like to sign up at this stage would still be able to purchase RED UNLIMITED costumes from an assortment of available costumes and sizes.
What is your shade? If you have not found that shade, Discover your shade at band meetings every Tuesday at the CSA centre from 5pm or contact the section managers directly.

Submission Closed
Every Tuesday at the CSA Centre,
upstairs Radio Caribbean International.

Submission Closed
Both Male and Female Sections of Submission Closed!

Transition Male Closed
The Male sections for Transition is Closed!

Unfamiliar Territory Male Closed
The Male sections for Unfamiliar Territory is Closed!

Rebirth Closed
Both Male and Female Sections of Rebirth Closed!

Arrival Limited
The all female section ARRIVAL now has VERY limited costumes remaining.

Uprising Female Section Closed
The female section for Uprising is now closed.

Expectation Closed
The Section Expectation has been closed one week after the Red Ignites band launch!

Red Events

Red I.C.E reloaded - 5th July, 2014.

RED Insane Cooler Experience Boat Ride.

Rodney Bay Marina.

RED Ten - 12th July, 2014.

Celebration of Bachannal.

Venue TBA

Red in the Souf - 28th June, 2014.

Annual RED fete in Soufriere.

Club Whispers, Soufriere.

Red Music

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